Amanda E. Gordon

P: 216.348.5708

Amanda E. Gordon has nearly 30 years of experience in the practice of public law and public finance.  She maintains a statewide public finance practice, having represented public bodies across the State including townships, cities, villages, counties, school districts, port authorities, library districts, fire districts, water and sewer districts, the State of Ohio and other public bodies and authorities as bond counsel and special project counsel, as well as in general counseling capacities.

Amanda also represents banking and financial institutions, non-profit corporations, hospitals, institutions of higher learning and private developers and corporations in areas of public law and public finance in a variety of capacities including underwriter counsel, bank counsel and project counsel.

Amanda’s experience spans all areas of public finance law including general obligations, revenue obligations, special obligations, leasing obligations, conduit transactions, tax law, securities law, including primary and continuing disclosure matters, and complex structures involving a myriad of sources and structures. 

She also has extensive experience in the areas of economic development and regional cooperation including tax incentives, cooperative developmental structures and public/private partnerships.

Amanda’s practice covers the gamut of public law issues including general public law matters, organizational matters, sunshine law matters, general public contracts and bidding matters, general governmental procedural matters, tax levy law and election law.

Amanda earned her J.D. from Case Western Reserve University School of Law and received her B.S. in Business Administration/Finance from The University of Akron.