'5 Questions With' Mayor of Lorain Jack Bradley

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1. Every Friday, you visit a “Hidden Treasure” in Lorain. Please describe a few of the “Hidden Treasures” and what has surprised you the most about these “Hidden Treasures.”

When COVID started, I decided to do a weekly update to citizens regarding the virus and the responses of the city and our public health agency. After a short time, I decided to include in the video each week a “Hidden Treasure” in our city. The hidden treasures included a beautiful Catholic Church, local barbershops and hair salons, restaurants and local non-profits. The great thing is that we receive thousands of views each week along with comments and suggestions of other treasures within our city. These videos have undoubtedly increased citizen awareness and participation within our community.

2. International Women’s Day occurred on March 8, 2021. There have been several famous women who hailed from Lorain, such as Toni Morrison and Helen Steiner Rice. How does Lorain benefit from women leaders?

Since Lorain has large Spanish and African American populations, local women leaders in these communities have been very instrumental in bringing the communities together as well as keeping the faith-based community actively involved in the minority communities. Women leaders in these communities have been vital in getting people out to vote and to participate in other civic functions throughout the city. These leaders are just as important as the famous women who hail from Lorain.

3. Recently, you and members of your cabinet traveled to Sandusky to see Sandusky’s pier project and their development along the lakeshore. How do you propose reimaging and rejuvenating Lorain’s waterfront?

The Rotary Club in Lorain in addition to the Polish Fisherman groups have been planning a sunset pier project in Lorain. Sandusky built a pier project adjacent to their downtown area and also moved their city hall from near the lake to the center of the downtown area. It is my hope that a pier project similar to the pier project in Sandusky can be built near our downtown area and our city hall can be relocated to a more central location in the downtown area of Lorain. By moving city hall, it would free up the present location that overlooks the lake for economic development.

4. Please describe how Lorain will use the American Rescue Plan Act economic stimulus package to speed up the recovery of the economic and health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Lorain?

The American Rescue Plan is a once in a lifetime opportunity for cities throughout the United States to reinvest in their communities due to the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. It is my hope that Lorain will be able to assist citizens and businesses impacted by the pandemic. In addition, we can use some of the funds to improve our water and waste water infrastructure to ensure we deliver clean and economical fresh water to our citizens. The funds will also give us an opportunity to expand broadband throughout our community. The use of the funds will be finalized once the city receives further guidance from the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

5. “Lorain Proud,” written by your daughter Jaclyn Bradley Palmer, sung by her and Judy Alicea Hinderer with the Body of Christ Ministries Choir, has become an anthem for the City. What was the impetus for this song? Lorain is your hometown, are you proud?

My daughter Jaclyn has been involved in music her entire life and has written and recorded numerous songs and albums throughout the years. After I was elected Mayor of Lorain, we were in the car and I asked her to write a song about Lorain that would make all of Lorain proud. She actually wrote three songs and she let me select my favorite. The result was “Lorain Proud,” a song that can be downloaded from Apple Music and other downloading services.

I was born and raised in Lorain and had my business in Lorain. Lorain has been especially good to me and my family and I ran for mayor to give back to my community. Upon becoming mayor, I must say that I am even more proud of the community and the people in the community. I have had the opportunity to find the many treasures in our community and to discover that the most valuable treasures are the people who have decided to live in Lorain and to make it their home.

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