Are your retreats, sales, and board meetings lacking vitality?

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There are many reasons why owners and executives have sales meetings or retreats, but one goal they all have in common is to recharge their people with new vitality. When people are energized and motivated at work, they do more, do it better, and have fun doing it! 

Unfortunately, I often hear from people who attend sales meetings or retreats that these events are boring, unengaging, and repetitive year after year. Or, I hear from owners and executives that the people who attend retain less than 10 percent of the information – and even that only lasts a few days.

Are you still doing what you’ve always done for your meetings and retreats, and getting these same results?  It takes more than just a change in venue to recharge your retreat.

To increase the vitality at your meetings and retreats, here are 3 best practices that have survived over the test of time:

  1. Take people out of their comfort zones.  This can be a literal change – like a new venue – but that is usually a short term fix. Think of fun, innovative ways to get people outside of their comfort zones by incorporating unique experiences into your retreat, like horseback riding.
  2. Actually teach them.  The old saying of “Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime” applies to retreats and workshops.
  3. Don’t just think out of the box – change the box!  Don’t let yourself get complacent when planning – otherwise, your people will get complacent too. New, innovative and creative ideas are needed to get people engaged these days.

 The more interactive, the better. And the more unique, the longer you anchor the vitality!

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