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This week I attended a forum at the City Club of Cleveland titled “Should Conservatives Embrace Clean Energy.” Moderator Jason Russell led a panel that included Mike Hartley (Executive Director, Ohio Conservative Energy Forum), Terry McClure (Former President Ohio Farm Bureau), and Lynn Scarlett (Global Director for Public Policy – Nature Conservancy).  

It was great to hear a clear articulation of an “All of the Above” energy strategy. In a nutshell, the U.S. has the capability of not only achieving energy independence, but also becoming a major exporter of energy. To accomplish this strategic objective, all U.S. energy attributes must be developed – both fossil fuels and renewables.

Bill Gates has pointed out that over a Billion people in the world lack electricity. Gates wants to service those Billion people with green energy only. Those who embrace an “All of the Above” strategy want to meet this need with a combination of U.S. resources. Solar and Wind are not 24/7 energy resources. There needs to be a baseload resource, such as coal, natural gas, hydro or nuclear, to combine with solar and wind in order to meet the huge world need. It could be an incredible cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy TO export energy to those lacking this fundamental commodity and TO NOT have to rely on energy supplies from the Middle East.

The Forum can be viewed online here. Congratulations to the City Club for a timely and informative event.

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