Energy has huge impact on Ohio’s economy

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Energy is critical to the Ohio economy, as it is responsible for producing $28.4 billion in revenue and for supporting 255,100 jobs in Ohio, according to recent findings by PwC. Moreover, energy has added $12.7 billion to the Ohio’s labor income, as well as approximately 14,000 shale-related business establishments across Ohio. The Energy Tomorrow Blog prepared a two-page summary detailing the effect of energy on Ohio’s economy.

The summary begins by showing the current impact of energy on Ohio’s economy and projects its future impact. It continues by showing how EPA’s proposed ozone regulations could cost Ohio $204.3 billion in Gross State Product losses and 218,415 in lost jobs from 2017 to 2040.

National decisions on energy will greatly impact the future benefits of energy for Ohio. A recent Wood Mackenzie study compares the likely positive effects of a set of pro-development policies with the likely negative effects of regulatory constrained policies on energy supplies, jobs, and the economy. The key comparisons are found on the first page of the linked document.

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