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It is easy to believe that in today’s increasingly polarized America, it is impossible to balance economic interests with eco-friendly interests. However, this is not the case.

In our latest Business Hour "Going solar in Ohio and Beyond," Mike Wise and Chad Arfons, and panelists Ivan Henderson, commissioner of Cleveland Public Power, and Gene Ameduri, president of Enerlogics, discussed a Cleveland solar energy project that maximizes efficiency and costs for the city while significantly reducing the city’s carbon footprint.

In addition to this breakthrough project, the panel also covered why solar is a rapidly growing industry, the significance of Virtual Net Metering, the importance of the Federal Investment Tax Credit, and much more. Select highlights from the program are listed below - or click here to watch the Business Hour in its entirety.

What is Virtual Net Metering?

In this clip, our panel explains that virtual net metering is a process by which an entity can produce solar energy for a consumer that is not physically connected to the project. Gene Ameduri discusses how Enerlogics can use the Brooklyn solar project to generate energy, then use Cleveland Public Power to “wheel” the energy to a willing Cleveland Public Power customer.

Next, Mike Wise and Chad Arfons explain why virtual net metering is vital to the Brooklyn solar project’s success and the benefits of undergoing such a project, which include generating revenue for the city on otherwise unproductive land, creating jobs for Ohioans, and (of course) creating electricity.

Why is solar power becoming more popular?

Learn why solar power is becoming increasingly popular. Mike Wise explains how the economics of the solar industry have decreased, specifically the cost of producing a solar panel. In addition, the Investment Tax Credit gives a 30 percent federal tax credit to residential and commercial properties that use solar systems. 

Cleveland's commitment to reducing carbon footprint and adhering to the Paris Accords

In this clip, Ivan Henderson explains the city of Cleveland’s commitment to sustainability, renewable energy, and reducing its carbon footprint. Cleveland is funding many local projects that both save consumers money and uphold the city’s values and commitments to the environment.

Solar panels on U.S.-Mexico border wall

If a U.S.-Mexico border wall were to be built, President Donald Trump has floated the idea of covering the wall with solar panels. In this clip, Gene Ameduri explains whether or not he thinks this would be possible and the logistics for such a project.

Marc Ayad, a legal and marketing intern at McDonald Hopkins, assisted with the writing of this blog.

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