Governor Kasich steps out on energy

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I made the point when the GOP debates began that the candidates were missing a golden opportunity by not addressing U.S. energy policy. If the U.S. were to aggressively adapt an “All of the Above Energy Policy,” we could recapture our role as the preeminent energy superpower in the world. This was discussed previously in “Former GOP candidate [and Harvard University!] show way on energy” and “End of the year energy cheer.”

Now, several months into the campaign, a candidate finally struck the right tone on U.S. energy policy and it was Ohio’s very own Governor Kasich. In case you missed the 12th Republican debate last night in Miami, here is Governor Kasich’s response on energy policy.

Kasich summed up the “All of the Above Energy Policy” when he stated:

In [Ohio], we've reduced emissions by 30 percent. But let me tell you also what we’re trying to do. We want all the sources of energy. We want to dig coal, but we want to clean it when we burn it. We believe in natural gas. We believe in nuclear power… I happen to believe in solar energy, wind energy, efficiency; renewables matter.

There is more to say here, but way to go Governor Kasich on not only bringing energy to the forefront of the debate but by also calling for an “All of the Above Energy Policy.” I am looking forward to seeing the results of Tuesday’s primary here in the Buckeye state!

Christopher Capcara assisted in the research and drafting of this article.

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