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We all well know that mentoring is one of the few methods that consistently produces the best results for people development. Time (centuries) tested.

Creating a mentoring program in your business/organization is my suggestion for one of the TOP initiatives you should design, develop and implement! It has also been proven that the most successful mentoring programs involve a third-party in not only the initial design and implementation, but often to coach the mentors. Being a good mentor is not a trait we are born with. It needs to be developed, coached.

Two of the primary reasons or benefits of having a mentoring program internally is that it will attract and retain some of the best people. Personal development is high on people’s lists these days.

A key benefit to having a third-party involved from the start is that they have no hidden agendas or history with the company or people personally. This is huge! Perceptions and preconceived thoughts about a person, their responsibilities or even personal attributes WILL impact the end results, often negatively. That is a proven fact.

I repeatedly hear statements like: “I am too small to offer a mentoring program," or "our business is simple," or "I have nothing to mentor them in.” Wrong! Every business offers opportunities to learn and identifying those opportunities along with creating a strategy is usually something most struggle with internally. Read what a key staff member (i.e. non-management) had to say after a recent mentoring session:

“After a poor review at work, I was offered the opportunity to work with a mentor. I was skeptical at first, but after our first few meetings the tools he was providing me began to have an effect. He has helped me understand how to flex to the people I deal with on a daily basis and the one thing I had forgotten... How to actually have fun at work. The skills he taught me have become habits. I use them daily at work and in my home life as well. He is a great mentor and has become a friend as well.”

The cost of losing good or key people today is unmeasurable. A little time, investment and coaching can create a great ROI for both the company and the individual.

Steven J. Krisfalusy is a serial entrepreneur who has decades of expertise in O.D. and People Development in a vast array of Industries. Currently the Managing Partner / Sr. Consultant of the Beringer Group LLC., a Management / Human Capital Consulting / Staffing Consulting firm in the Midwest.

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