"Marijuana in the Workplace: What Are Your Options?"

Marijuana and ever-changing marijuana legislation present both a cultural and practical set of problems for employers. ConnectedHR and our partners are meeting with scores of owners about how to handle marijuana in the workplace, and what to prepare for as the law changes.

Cannabis is still listed as a Schedule 1 Drug by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. That is a substance or chemical with no medical use and high potential for abuse. While this is hotly debated by the medical community, as well as several state governments, that is currently what the federal mandate is.

In Ohio, possession of fewer than 100 grams of Marijuana has been decriminalized– it’s treated as a misdemeanor and does not produce a criminal record. There is no jail time and a maximum fine of $150- basically a minor traffic violation.

Ryan Neumeyer, Labor and Employment attorney from McDonald Hopkins, works with ConnectedHR to train companies on topical and sensitive practices. He recently spoke about Medical Marijuana and other contemporary workplace issues.

“When state law deviates from federal, employers have a choice. There are some states which require state law to take precedence over federal but Ohio (is not one of them).

“So, company policy in Ohio is at the employer’s discretion.”

Rarely do companies get to choose which laws to follow. However, the disparity between state and federal law right now means companies in Ohio have a few options. Ryan helped us to explore what those options are.

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