People Development 2017: Part 1—How do you know when your vitality is low?

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Let me start by saying most people work very hard, more than most realize. Yes, they get a paycheck or may have a rewarding experience, but keeping the energy tank full is your next challenge in 2017.

Last year was fair-to-good for many businesses. Sustaining that level or exceeding it will require some new, creative, and innovative ideas. We believe that the best ROI for people development in 2017 is to refill your people’s tanks with vitality!

One definition of "vitality" is: “The power or ability of something to continue to live, be successful, etc.”

How do you regain that level of vitality when the same people are basically doing the same things?

I asked our People Coach, Amanda Thompson, for her thoughts. Adding vitality to a staff of veterans, or anyone, is something Amanda is well-versed in that can be initiated in just a few hours. 

Amanda says...

“Vitality is a result of fulfillment, and the definition of fulfillment is to fill a void." 

People are always searching for what they perceive they don't have and will consciously, or unconsciously, move towards it. The degree of accomplishment we feel is based on how we fill these voids. 

To further explain this concept, we all have a set of what I like to call “motivators” that we live by. Motivators are the things that people don’t have to tell us we have to do. Where we are the most inspired, most reliable, most disciplined, and most focused. The things you are inspired from within to do. Once you can tune in to these motivators and start structuring your life around them, you will awaken your inner genius. 

How do you know if you aren’t living in alignment with your highest motivators?

Do you have trouble staying focused? Feel defeated? Are you uninspired and unmotivated? These are all indicators that you are not living in alignment with your highest motivators. It is also possible, when we value someone else, to try and live by their motivators. This often happens with family, friends, colleagues, and even society. 

The fact is that you can only expect yourself to live life trying to fulfill these personal motivators. The farther away our daily actions are from our motivators, the less drive and vitality we have. 

The first step to regaining vitality in our lives is to identify these motivators, set goals to align ourselves with these motivators, and do something to achieve it. 

Often we need some help. Simply gaining an awareness of this paradigm and a clear insight to what you truly value will start you on the path of living an inspired life. Actually implementing those thoughts can be the toughest challenge. 

Want to learn more how you can add vitality personally, or for your employees, just ask us! Good luck, and we hope tomorrow brings a better day.

Steven J. Krisfalusy is a serial entrepreneur who has decades of expertise in O.D. and people development in a vast array of Industries. Currently the Managing Partner / Sr. Consultant of the Beringer Group LLC. A Management / Human Capital Consulting / Staffing Consulting firm in the Midwest. 

Amanda Thompson is a highly experienced trainer and behavioral coach; Tech Sergeant in the USAF, she is a serial entrepreneur dedicated to helping people and teams perform at their highest potential. Currently an Associate Partner / Sr. People and Equine Facilitation Coach with national clients. You can reach her at 440-552-6599 or via email:

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