Positive anti doping test, what now?

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Have you tested positive in an anti-doping test? You are probably wondering what to do now. 

Below are 10 suggestions of steps to consider: 

  1. Ask your federation (or testing authority) for immediate delivery of a copy of the lab-pack for the “A” sample.  (This is a paper report.)
  2. Write down your recollection, in as much exact detail as possible, of the entire testing session process, from the time you were notified that you would be tested. 
  3. Ask your federation (or testing authority) to provide you with written notification of any and all deadlines within which you need to act and what must be done on the specific dates identified.
  4. To the greatest extent possible, detail all meals in the last month (especially important if you travelled outside of your home country),including what was eaten, where eaten and anyone eating with you.
  5. Detail interactions with any persons who fed you meals in the last month.  For instance, did you go to a barbeque at a friend’s house? If so, when, who was there, where was it, what was served?
  6. Retain bottles and any unused contents of any supplements or drugs, prescription or over-the-counter, that you have taken in the last six months.
  7. Be careful with whom you speak about the issue, confidentiality is important.
  8. Do not get a haircut or color your hair.
  9. Remember your federation may not be your friend. Once you tested “positive” the federation became the enforcer.
  10. Get professional assistance.


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