Choosing to operate a concierge medicine practice is a unique and difficult decision. Especially in today’s healthcare environment, with decreasing reimbursements and increasing costs, providers need legal advice from attorneys who understand the challenges you face. As the interest in concierge medicine, direct pay and similar boutique practices continue to grow, our group routinely helps physician clients design cost-effective models that are workable and beneficial for their practice and their patients.

Our concierge medicine team can provide assistance with a myriad of related issues, including:

We have significant experience with a variety of concierge medicine models, including:

  1. Stand alone concierge – Practice only provides concierge medicine services to a limited group of patients.
  2. Hybrid concierge – Practice provides both traditional and concierge medicine services to separate groups of practice patients.
  3. Direct pay concierge – Practice provides a limited menu of services for flat fee. 
    No insurance accepted.
  4. Direct primary care/Affordable Care Act – Practice partners with insurance company to allow listing of service on healthcare exchanges. Certain services covered by insurance, others by direct pay by patient.
  5. Enhanced concierge – In addition to traditional service, practice partners with other providers to provide enhanced services, such as treatment while traveling at hotel, air ambulance from foreign locations, and access to a national credentialed network.
  6. Specialty and alternative care concierge – Wide variety of unique offerings and payment models, treatment available through hotel as part of room rate, on site facility and treatment as part of condominium fee, etc.

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