Laboratories are leading the innovation charge in today’s healthcare marketplace, creating a significant amount of intellectual property, including proprietary tests, assays and devices, software, informatics, and other assets. Many laboratories, however, do not strategize on how to protect that intellectual property. Laboratories need to rethink how intellectual property can boost their bottom line and how that value should be solidly protected. Your competition is doing it. Are you?

McDonald Hopkins is a leader in providing strategic intellectual property planning services that generate significant value for a wide variety of laboratories. In doing so, McDonald Hopkins can help place your laboratory in a strong position against your competition, or for a potential divestiture event such as a merger or acquisition.

We provide key strategic intellectual property services geared to laboratories, including:

Today’s economic and competitive challenges force laboratories to rethink how they protect and enforce their intellectual property. Successful laboratories think differently and see these issues not as road blocks, but as opportunities. McDonald Hopkins has the experience and expertise to analyze these challenges and look for ways to maximize both revenue and valuation, while minimizing risk. 

A comprehensive intellectual property strategy that addresses all of the issues that could impact a laboratory’s businesses, both today and tomorrow, is critical to success in the healthcare market. By focusing on creating real value through strategic intellectual property procurement, maximization and enforcement efforts, your business can create, maintain, and secure the competitive advantage you need to succeed in the rapidly-changing business environment.

Intellectual property procurement

Intellectual property maximization

Intellectual property enforcement




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